Towing Riverside

riverside ca towingIf you are looking to get some nice head shots you can go down to your local tow yard and pose with some of the nice cars they impound. The cars are usually much nicer than that old junker you have been driving around and maybe you will find a nice one that is unlocked so you can sit in it and get your wedding pictures taken. If you are luck some poor soul might of had their Limo towed and you can get some shots sitting on the hood or standing on top of it. You can look like you actually had enough money to rent that limo for you your head shots.

Even if the cars are all junk that have been dropped off by some tow truck you can sit on a clunker and it will make you look even better in your photos. If it’s all rusty or if it is just a piece of crap that is even better. Think how nice your dress will look when you are sitting on that rust bucket that is so dirty no one would ever want to even touch it. Maybe you can find a new car that has been sitting there for a year or so and is so dirty it would not even be nice enough for a cat to live in. That is perfect people will never think of this and maybe disgusted by the dirt car. It will just make you look all the much better.

In the end you can just make the most of a bad situation when you did not have enough money to pay your car payment. When the tow service comes to repose your truck you can pose next to that truck you used to love and snap some great head shots. Maybe your business of creating web sites is sucking and you cant make a dime off of it. That is a great time to take pictures so you can remember how hard it was and how much you wish you knew why you can not seem to make any money from those web sites.

Driving Like Miss Daisy

Once in awhile i like to go for a drive out in the country. I go ariverside_county_driving_schoolll the way out and find field to take some great pictures of the wilderness and to take some selfies. If you catch the light just right you can get some of the best pictures you could ever imagine. I had to get my license to be able to drive by myself. I went to Riverside Driving school to take my classes and get my permit to drive. I had to go practice driving with my dad so i could have enough hours to take my drivers test.

It goes like this;

  • Take your required class hours online.
  • Pass your learners permit test.
  • Get your behind the wheel hours.
  • Take and pass your drivers test.

Now i can go drive myself anywhere i want to get those great head shots i will need for modeling career. if you cant afford a good photographer you can just set up your camera anywhere and set the timer and take pictures of yourself. It might take a bunch of tries to get the right pictures for your portfolio but you can do it trust me.

Just like taking pictures it takes a good driving school in riverside to get the confidence to take your driving test. You have to have confidence or the driving instructor will know and not pass you on your test.

Even Riverside Driving School will be honest with you and tell you when yo are ready to finally take and pass your driving test.

So listen to your instructor who is hopefully from one of the local driving schools Riverside Ca. I think they do a better job because they are local companies and may even be a neighbour who actually cares about the other drivers on the roads of Riverside County Ca.

Now if you need more pictures do not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and take a little road trip. Find a nice beach or maybe a nice mountain background to get those perfect head shots that you know you will need to be a super model some day.

Cheers for now future fashion models.


Garage Doors and the Riverside Empire

I’m sure y’all have heard of a little place over in California called the Inland Empire (betterriverside and corona garage door services known as Riverside). Well, we actually have family out there that have started their own business working with garage doors doing repairs, installations, and the whole nine.

It’s interesting, starting your own business as we have done here with Studio Head Shots NYC. It is never easy and every entrepreneur is always going to face challenge, trial, and adversity. That’s why people go to college instead and pick up a nice degree. That’s for some, but not for all; and kudos to the some and the all because we make the world spin.

Their new company, Garage Door Repair Riverside has been a slow start (as with almost every start up company/business), however that shouldn’t stop them, you, or anybody. Remember, it takes grit, guts, glory – you name it. The cool thing is they have started and are already building a brand to stand behind.

Another awesome thing is that they provide true value as you should with any business. Increase in sales is directly linked and related to quality and that is the assurance of any business. Their garage door repair Corona is know different and that’s why they offer garage door installations, service and repair throughout all of Riverside County.

Have your garage door repaired in Riverside can be expensive unless you go through us and mention us, they may give you a discount. Our family’s company actually offers better rates than most other service providers in Riverside though, offering superior garage doors service at a low cost rate.

Just remember to be polite and you will get the best deal hehe (sad but true?). You can get almost any type of Garage doors in Riverside CA but not all of them will be the one or type that you like so make sure to ask about inventory if you want a new garage door installed out there in Riverside County.

Best of luck to you for all of your garage door services and repairs; we truly hope this article has helped you! Also understand that 24 hour emergency garage door repair and service is available for those early mornings, etc.

Photos at the Beach

Okay, so just the other day we actually took some pictures down the beach and we got some amazing shots. These are the shots before they been edited so they’re going to be completely clean and natural, some of them are even taken with an iPhone which is okay because once we get them transmitted then we can always make them look better.

You can always do some fun tricks with the negatives of your pictures to like expanding them change your colors and qualities and many other things when you get the right chemical mixtures.

When you mix these correctly and you find the type you are looking for in trying to master photography, you will be amazed. What kind of images have you taken and what is your favorite styles when bringing your photos life?

Being photographers ourselves, we completely understand the nature of the game and just wanted to reach out to you, like we did in our post about the limousine photo shoot, that we did not too long ago, and show you that it doesn’t really matter what’s it down the end of your lens as long as you are conveying a point and do well through nice image then you will achieve that goal.

We hope to be inspiring photographers around the world with our studio headshot’s blog. If you have more questions for us or do you want to get to know us more please contact us or you can always leave a comment below. For now please check out these pictures we took at the beach as they convey the circle of life. Otherwise known as the flower of life which is a very sacred symbol in the matter. We won’t get to do things that now but we hope to have later posts about it as the Romans and many other cultures knew about sacred geometry and it is an extremely important topic.

It is the essence of everything ~~ Sacred Geometry that is ~~

Beach  Bay

Happy Days with Spring

Beautiful NatureWhat is something you truly find beautiful? When you’re taking a picture do you look for nature or city life? There are so many different types of beauty in the world and now with spring fast approaching, there are even more opportunities to capture the moments with your camera than any other time a year.



With all the beauty in the world and all the blossoming flowers of spring in nature and harmony, it’s really easy to get stills and great photos that will last for many years and your portfolio.

We want to help you by showing you stills capture moments and make them in the memories and also take your breath away. It’s really true what they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and we have 1 million words to describe each one of our shots.

Here at studio head shots, we really focus on bringing you quality over quantity see and capturing the most beautiful aspects of humanity. You’re taking pictures of people, why not make them look beautiful?

That’s one of the most compelling things are being photographer, it’s all about you and what’s your saying down the lens ultimately decide how the pictures going to come out. It all depends on you as the photographer and artist and you’ll you to send us matrimony beautiful artistic qualities.

This will also fill you portfolio and decide what kind of photographer you are. It’ll give you the appearance of your location as being a professional or not. There’s usually no middle ground, it’s either going to be good or great. Or sometimes just not really get it all but we hope that if you are unsure of your skills you keep practicing and then time you become an excellent target for two. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. Here at studio head shots

Surprisingly good Transportation Head Shots

It is really cool how a great vehicle makes for a great photo.  It can be extremely difficult to get ideas when you are a photographer, and usually it is best to “wait for the right moment” to present itself in nature and cities alike.  The artistic eye will see a moment that should be captured in a still frame and should be photographed, but this takes a trained eye.

When looking out through nature, the beauty that shines through will provide a plethora of moments that one can captured.  The same can be said for suburban and city life dwellings, to really capture the human emotion; that which translates through stills for years providing insights into the human mind.

Surprisingly enough, a good photographer will be able to capture these moments of joy with luxurious vehicles as well.  Think of how good a brand new hummer looks, and especially a limousine.  That’s why, as a photographer, it is extremely important to “look through the veil” and see things in limos and cars that most people wouldn’t.

Just wanted to check in with all the aspiring photographers out there to give you a glimpse into the life of what it is truly like behind the scenes here at our studio head shot center.


Our Private Limo Services

One thing we have found valuable when you would like to be courted to our photography studio is that it is impervious to arrive in a fashion that would you feel compellingly extraordinary!  When you would like professional photography done for your child’s prom, graduation, high school photos, graduations; and even events such as weddings and more, please view the limo services that we have chosen for you as approved partners with ochaffeur limo airportur Studio Head Shots.

Check out for instance this delectable image we took of one of their chauffeurs.  We feel that this particularly captures the ambiance of imagery that we are trying to portray.  This photo hasn’t even been touched up yet in our resolution center but you can still see how it is particularly amazing.

This limo service San Diego offers, that we personally captured and personified into life was at the private entrance of the San Diego airport where we took the limousine out for a drive locally after having a nice lunch.  The only thing we would have changed is the sky if we could!  But it was still a very beautiful day.

Getting back to the limo service itself, you know, the one we were telling you about?  Our limo San Diego company also has some of the best rates in town.  For a shuttle to our office from La Jolla, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than a hundred dollars which is a really nice price.  The limousine rentals are a very nice back drop for your photo that we can also do for you outside of the studio if you would like.  This is a great idea that not too many people take advantage of which is truly a shame.  And with this limo service San Diego has backed as a whole movement for, you will really enjoy your limousine rental.

The limo company is the well renownedSan Diego Limousine and they are local and located over in Pacific Beach which isn’t a far shot away from our actual location.  If you are located along the coast line, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach even up to Del Mar, then it is a very nice limo ride past Torrey Pines.  You could take this San Diego limo service all throughout the county and enjoy much of the scenery for miles to span with a nice limousine service.

And we back these guys because they have no bad reviews or complaints and customers seem generally extremely happy with them.  If you would like to know more about them, please visit their website where you can see them in action for yourself and get ready to have some beautiful wedding photographs taken of you and the crew to make beautiful memories.

All around, there are generally great people with much to offer.  As life should be in so many more instances, but then again, the darkness does not follow the light.  The light seeks the light, and finds it.  While it is the same for darkness.

Anyways beloved friends, we hope the next time you take a limousine to our studio you will be enthralled with luxury service.  Until then, take care.


We are Studio Head Shots

Looking for that classy poise that you only get with a professionally captured picture of serene proportion?  We are too, that’s why we’ve been composing images with photographers for years in our professional studios across the nation from Southern California all the way up to New York City.

Our professional imaging studios will give you the ambiance and delectable photos that you wish to capture to the highest degree of HD.  All of our images will be 1080p high definition or higher with resolution and color enhancement to really give your image a sharp and defined appeal.

Our studio head shop is also perfect for high school pictures, graduations, even prom photographs to be able to capture and save the moment for a lifetime.

We will be doing a lot of changes to the site, if you are reading this then we are still new and please bear with us through this time.  Please feel free to view our entire gallery only here at Studio Head Shots NYC.